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Small Business SEO doesn't have to be brain surgery. Many business people felt a hit from the massive changes to search engine algorithms in the last 16 months. They began to see the conversions of their eCommerce sites drop as well as their keyword rankings sink, plus they began to panic. For me we all need to relax a bit. In the mist of attempting to "one up" the various search engines (which you're never going to do), you're forgetting the fundamentals of SEO. They're the same principles your company itself was likely founded on.

More hints

1. Create a top quality product

2. Allow your consumer to locate

3. Ensure your customer's experience is positive

4. Cause them to become tell others

While Small Business SEO certainly is more complex than that, you don't need to know very well what canonical links are or the distinction between an H1 and H2 header is! Leave the technical stuff for your small business SEO expert. You need to be worried about being legitimate and true to your mission statement and your customer's needs.

Having said that, I see more and more small businesses focusing their attention around the content of the website which is applauded... but let's not forget the basics. Below are great tips for writing SEO content and optimizing your website.

1. Each page of your website must be unique.

Should you have had a grocery store, you wouldn't stock every aisle with identical merchandise would you? Absolutely not. At every turn you'd want your customer to locate a cool product or new information. Your website needs to be structured just like that supermarket. Each page of the website is as important as the house page as far as search engines like google are concerned.

2. Descriptions and Titles

To the grocery store example: Let's assume all your aisles are stocked with unique merchandise. Are you going to hang the same sign above each aisle to assist customers navigate your store? Again, the reply is of course no. Each aisle have a general description of the items the customer can expect to locate there. Each page and group of your website must be labeled uniquely and appropriately. This tells the various search engines what submissions are found in that section or with that page.

3. Keywords are useless if you don't understand how to rely on them.

Should there be one WORD that is misunderstood most by small business owners most, it's KEYWORD. Your keyword isn't what YOU want it to be, it's what the search engines decide to index and more importantly, what your potential consumer is trying to find. Let's say you sell Pillows in all different shapes, sizes and colors - you probably assume Purple Pillows or Pink Pillows could be best keywords. They may be appropriate, however they likely wouldn't help your induce to focus content around those keywords. Too general. Instead focus your keywords on benefits or options that come with the merchandise. "Best Pillows For Relaxation" "Most Comfortable Pillows" "Sleep Better Pillows" are some examples. While you may laugh at those descriptions, take into account the last time you Googled something. If you don't were looking for a specific Brand name, you likely searched for a very descriptive term. We call those "long tail keywords" in the SEO biz. Let a small company SEO Expert help you here whether it sounds confusing.

4. Use Social networking - Don't allow it you utilize.

Pinterest and Instagram weren't even in the mainstream public's lexicon 2 years ago, yet today every Brand thinks they need to be on it. Which was the same case Five years ago with Twitter and facebook. Do not do it just because it's there. I've news for you... if your website sucks... Social Media won't help you any. In case your website is good, Social Media will help you funnel traffic to it. Don't post things on Facebook just for the sake of appeasing your fans. So what? They're already your fans. You need to be posting and sharing content that the consumer is going to share with others. THAT is the process through which your Brand gains new visibility and hopefully customers. Social networking is a superb test of methods well your content does. If nobody is sharing or liking it, then it is probably not the very best direction for content in your website.